Snoring Device 


What is snoring?

Whilst asleep, the muscles of the nose, mouth and throat relax. This can lead to the airways closing up and preventing the air from getting in or out easily. When this happens and you try to breathe, the soft tissue in your mouth, nose and throat vibrate, making noise; this is what we call snoring. Just about everyone snores occasionally but frequent snoring can affect the quantity and quality of not only your sleep but that of your partner as well. A Snoring Device – or to give them their official names – Mandibular Advancement Devices – are a very effective way of preventing snoring.

How do snoring devices work?

The Snoring device works by pushing the lower jaw forward making more space to breathe thus improving air flow and therefore preventing snoring.

How are they made?

Using impressions of your upper and lower teeth, plus a bite registration we mount models of your teeth onto an articulator to reproduce your jaw alignment. After a subtle but important modification to the position of your lower jaw we then produce two custom trays which cover your upper and lower teeth. These two trays have been thermally bonded in the new slightly forward position to form one "snoring device". After smoothing and contouring the finished appliance is despatched to you. With a snoring device, sleepless nights will become a thing of the past.

Why buy from Honor Oak

1. We at Honor Oak are a leading supplier of bleaching trays, nightguards, snoring devices and mouthguards to the Dental Profession.

2. We are a specialist laboratory with highly experienced technicians.

3. Not only do we take the impressions ourselves for custom made devices we offer our fitting service to make sure that the appliance is completely comfortable in your mouth. 

4. We are dedicated to making sure that all of our customers are totally happy with their product.

5. We are very competitively priced.

How long does it take?

After taking your impressions they will checked by our experienced technicians prior to the start of the manufacturing process. We will aim to have your device ready for you within 2 weeks.



Snoring Device